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  1. Hello again, I solved this Problem. In the ESMC you must add license again. Yo go under "More" -> "license management" -> "Action" -> "Add License" Type in the removed EMA account. But I don't know how do delete a Customer in the EMA.
  2. Hello together, we have following structure in ESMC: Costumer 1 - Company 1 - Company 2 Costumer 2 - Company 1 - Company 2 Customer 3 - Company 1 - Company 2 I would like to remove a Company with their license. So I did the following steps: https://help.eset.com/esmc_admin/71/en-US/msp_status.html?msp_remove_company.html I go to step 4 and see that I removed not the company that I would delete, I removed the costumer. How can I get the costumer back and how I delete the company correctly. I have not yet performed step 5. Many thanks for your help
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