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  1. I said it was a version 12 hack. But I'm working on hacking into all of ESET's products In the latest versions It does not put me in any malicious code, because I built the hack.
  2. Are you sure?! I think after you watch this video Speak differently. https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=1t74ashhnLuYUuEmtBjeDpVbY30ekGfEy
  3. Maybe you do not believe me so much So I attached pictures.
  4. Maybe you do not believe me so much So I attached pictures.
  5. And if I want I am allowed to post the hack. (Not that I'm going to do it, because it's not fair)
  6. First of all, the State of Israel is a highly respected state And this is not a country of cracks. And it's not related to the fact that I have other licenses that are not leaking. And think well before you talk about my country And the license was purchased from an authorized reseller
  7. So why do you think I will report ?! I want to make a profit I worked on it for a long time.
  8. I am Israeli and my English is not so good That's why I do not understand the site. If I report how much money will I get?
  9. I did not understand how this site works. Can I spread the hack? This is a very serious break-in.
  10. At first there are no sessions but after a few minutes another computer and another computer is added
  11. So how can it be that my license keeps leaking? I canceled all sessions And I performed a reset It is impossible to reset without canceling all sessions.
  12. I changed the password. I meant maybe my license is leaking because only the license key is reset. But the username and license password are not reset.
  13. I changed my password. Maybe because in reset only the license is reset But the username and password are not reset.
  14. Regarding the purchase from different countries I am aware of this thing And I know how to communicate with any support in the world
  15. You can see here an ESET guide to resetting the license through the license manager https://help.eset.com/license_manager/en-US/elm_leaked_license.html
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