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  1. I'm pleased to advise that after the upgrade to 7.0.317.4, my problems have gone. CPU sat at about 34% while the first Malware scan took place which had me worried. Settled down after that finished but then shot back up again and stayed high (~35%) so I disabled real-time protection for 1 hour. When I turned protection back on, all is fine and it's been running now for 24hrs with CPU for ekrn.exe currently showing 0% CPU which is great. Thanks for all your help.
  2. Unfortunately, disabling real-time protection makes no difference.
  3. @Aryeh, Strange. You wrote this as I was just trying again. I had read somewhere that Google Drive Sync might not play nice so I disabled that and tried to install NOD32 again. This time, it was only 5 minutes before NOD started climbing. I quickly uninstalled while my computer was still usable. Obviously there's something on my machine that NOD does not like but strange it only started 4 days ago. The last software update was Firefox 29.1 on 16th which I do leave open pretty much all of the time. Hopefully the logs reveal something?
  4. @Aryeh, Thanks, just sent you some logs. Using Windows task manager although this takes 2-3 minutes to open when Eset goes nuts!
  5. Windows 8.1 update (Pro). Problems have only started in last three days and 3-4 weeks after I upgraded to Windows 8.1 update so problem must be related to another program/service or the recent patches. I reinstalled today and it ran fine for two hours then all of a sudden, the fan started racing and the CPU usage went to 53% all attributed to NOD32. Computer was so slow the log collector would not run. Crashed out of Windows and rebooted and run log collector straight away before it got out of hand again. Had to crash Windows again and reboot to uninstall NOD32 so at least I could work. Have two log files know I can PM.
  6. I can replicate by reinstalling and waiting 20m. What logs do you need?
  7. Hi, In the last two days, most likely since some Windows updates have been applied, my X64 Lenovo X220 has become unuseable for long periods as Eset NOD32 (7.0.302.26) starts consuming very high CPU counts as much as 50-60%. This normally starts after about 20-30 minutes. I uninstalled yesyerday and everything returned to normal and after another 300mb of Windows updates today, I thought I'd reinstall and try again but same thing. PC ends up running so slow it takes 2 minutes just to open task manager. Uninstalling NOD32 is the only current resolution. Anyone else seeing this? Running 7.0.302.26 on three other computers; Windows 7 32bit, Vista and XP and no issues on any of those. X220, Core i7-2620M, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Windows 8.1 Pro.
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