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  1. Hi, as obvious - I am no Expert on this topic... But it seems like any other piece of software i've installed is capable of upgrading itself to the current version. Also, the software itself has an update button that told me everything is current and NEVER indicated there is an issue with the installation. Do I need to wipe ESET every time something is wrong with my Win10 installation because it might not be up-to-date?! And most importantly - how do I extract the license from the installation so I can use for a fresh install?
  2. Hi, when you read this, please know that at this point I am desperate for a long time. In 2017 I've got a Lenovo X1-Carbon 5th gen Notebook... In terms of hardware I am pretty pleased with this machine, but it was never able to install ANY Windows update EVER released. Yes, I am running Win10 in Version 1703! Every few months I get annoyed so much by this machine begging me to update that I try again to complete this herculean task. Mostly the Update "1809" - four numbers bringing sweat to my forehead. I've tried everything. deleted folders, installed apps, replacement installation - dozens of youtube videos, lost count of failed installation tries... you name it. Every try failed with Error "0x80070002". My last wasted hours of research ended with a partial success. I entered Win10 in safe mode and deleted the "SoftwareDistribution" Folder. After this the update did not bring this error, instead the update "1809" was not rejected, but is listed as "needs reboot to finish installation" in the update history. But sadly, a reboot does nothing. But with this I continued research and suddenly several sources hint that my Security Solution (ESET 6.5.2107.1) is actively blocking Windows updates?! Is that a thing? That would seem counter-productive as a security platform should be interested in keeping the os up to date (i think?!)...
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