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  1. Hello, Almost everyday now I'm getting : "remote_endpoint: Bad file descriptor" in trace.log of ESMC When it happed, new connections stop working and I need to restart the eraserver service I'm using the appliance : ESET Management Agent : 7.1.503.0 ESET Rogue Detection Sensor : 1.1.615.0 ESET Security Management Center Server : 7.1.503.0 Nb Agent : 1500 lsof | grep ERAServer | wc -l => ~90000 trace.log
  2. Hello, I need to Uninstall "Trend Office Scan 10 " on 300 computers but when using ESMC and OPSWAT, our VPN CLient (FortiClient) is unstall too Is-it possible to choose/put some paramters to uninstall only Trend ?
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