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  1. @itman Thanks again! I had success when I deleted the password store from the current (renewed) license and had the Password Manager module disabled. In passwordmanager.eset I added it again to the current (renewed) license and later enabled the module in ESET Security. Finally! Thanks for taking the time to respond and assist! Have a great week!
  2. @itman Thanks for the email config tip. I got the old license key but password manager says 'License key does not exist'. Is there a support phone number I can call?
  3. @itman I only have the current eset license ID, not the license ID prior to renewing.
  4. @Swamp Yankee Thank you for the info/help! How can I locate the old eset license ID if I do not know it? I find an email with attachments but the .zip files contain .lic file type and I can't decipher a key from the files viewing via notepad. Is there not a 1-800 number for human support? Thanks again!!
  5. I am in need of assistance to correct a license issue, please. I renewed my license but Password Manager doesn't see the update. Can someone help me resolve this issue, please?
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