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  1. Unfortunately, I'm not sure. Whatever I changed didn't seem to help anyways. The uninstall and fresh installation appears to be working fine at the moment. It may have been a fluke issue caused by some ESET upgrade path. Still trying to see if I can get you guys more helpful info.
  2. I am own3mall. I was unable to register on these forums without using a Google account (hence the username change). The problem is it wasn't just PUBG. I just saw it a lot with PUBG. I'm trying a fresh install (after completely uninstalling / deleting my settings) to see if that fixes the issue. I will update when I know more. Sorry to be such a pain. I just want my PC to work the way it's supposed to. :(
  3. I am still having problems with processes being locked far longer than they should be especially after they have already terminated. I uninstalled ESET Internet Security, and now I no longer have any problems. PUBG launches right up... It's possible that something went screwy as I updated from older versions over the years. I'll see if reinstalling a fresh copy produces the same issues. If it does, it's time for Tinywall
  4. Changing the real-time protection settings appears to have helped. I haven't had any problems today. Here's how I configured mine:
  5. Steps to Reproduce: Download and install an older version of Teamspeak 3 Client (use defaults while installing). https://www.filepuma.com/download/teamspeak_client_64bit_3.5.2-25154/ Launch the client. Check for updates. Let it download and install the update. Update will fail because one of the executables the updater is trying to patch will be locked by ESET. I will see if adjusting the machine learning settings help.
  6. Hi All, This has been happening for months, but with the latest version of ESET Internet Security, I often find that a lot of my applications can't update themselves because ESET locks a file handle on actively running programs. TeamSpeak 3 fails to update all the time. ESET is notorious for locking the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) executable (TslGame.exe and TslGame_BE.exe) as well. I have to constantly log off Windows and re-login to launch PUBG again (after it occasionally crashes) because ESET locks it. Here's the thread I posted thinking it was PUBG's fault, and while it still may be, none of my friends use ESET, and they don't have this problem. https://forums.pubg.com/topic/398061-loading-screen-fails-to-initialize-ui-freezes-crashes/?tab=comments#comment-1456920 This has been driving me crazy. I've noticed that adding entire drive paths to the detection engine exclusions has helped. When I add exclusions, I don't get any frustrating messages that a file or folder is open by another application or similar when trying to replace or update files. I'm a developer, and I often release new program EXEs that should replace old ones, but I can't even do that when using my computer. I've also tried to replace other program executables and DLLs only to be blocked by my own security product. What gives? This is insane! ESET is too aggressive and shouldn't be blocking me from updating any file. Can I turn this annoying behavior off? I'm fine with ESET scanning the files in real-time for viruses, but blocking me from doing my work is so frustrating. I'm about ready to uninstall ESET and use TinyWall. I just need a basic firewall. AV and Malware is no longer needed for the most part, and with how bloated everyone's product is becoming, why would anyone want to run security software anymore? A firewall is all I need, and I really do like ESETs, but I don't like its aggressive blocking behavior that has nothing to do with the firewall. I'm running Windows 7 SP1 x64 with the latest updates (Jan 2020). ESET Internet Security version is:
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