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  1. Anybody know if it's possible to do steps 1-4 via a script? If we could do that and schedule it every 15 mins it would save a lot of manual effort to fix this multiple times a day
  2. I tried switching to TCP but the logs wouldn't forward at all. The syslog application was listening on TCP but as soon as I switched back to UDP it started working again. It's got to the point now where I have to login to ESMC multiple times a day to do the following to fix the issue in advanced server settings: 1. Disable syslog 2. Save 3. Enabled syslog 4. Save
  3. Please see attached my syslog config in esmc.
  4. Turning syslog off and on in the server settings sometimes fixes this but not always. Rebooting stops it working if it is.
  5. We have contacted support and they said they have no experience with syslog. The error seems to be related to how era processes syslog messages. The logs are present in the web console and logs are being forwarded properly to the syslog server but the messages being written to the syslog daemon by era are empty
  6. I have syslog configured on ESMC and syslog messages are being recorded and forwarded to our SIEM but every now and then it stops working and only sends blank logs such as shown in the screenshot. Anyone experienced this before?
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