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    Alex_Ch received kudos from mulimotola in EEA and Agent install script for Mac   
    Hi Support,
    We are using ESET Endpoint Antivirus + File Security with ESET Cloud Admin that we planning to install EEA + Agent on 120pcs Macbook Pro via MDM solution JAMF.
    I got this (https://support.eset.com/en/kb7324-deploy-eset-endpoint-products-for-macos-using-jamf-pro) for EEA deploy,EEA looks working well.
    For the agent, i can't found any deploy script on ESET Cloud Admin.
    My question is :
    1.: Can i have the agent deploy script for Mac? i can edit the script and update to you if work or not work and what is the problem.
    2.: We are planning to using script to deploy agent for Mac, do ESET Cloud Admin support and where i can got it?
    3.: If not support, how i can deploy agent on Mac, only create live installer and public it to the end users or task owner?
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