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  1. Hi mulimotola, I don't want to share a non-finished products (code) on the official forum, my legal team told me that if i public a script and causes some problems, maybe someone will make me sue. The script send you through PM it is my finished version but you also have to modify the content, please generate LINUX SCRIPT in your admin center that refer it, i think you can complete your Mac versions script.
  2. ok, it is over 7days but no solution from ESET, seems to be serious to think should we use EEA and ESET Cloud next year... I got a solution on Github, i found an agent deploy script there and after a little bit modify it is looks working well on JAMF.
  3. Hi Support, We are using ESET Endpoint Antivirus + File Security with ESET Cloud Admin that we planning to install EEA + Agent on 120pcs Macbook Pro via MDM solution JAMF. I got this (https://support.eset.com/en/kb7324-deploy-eset-endpoint-products-for-macos-using-jamf-pro) for EEA deploy,EEA looks working well. For the agent, i can't found any deploy script on ESET Cloud Admin. My question is : 1.: Can i have the agent deploy script for Mac? i can edit the script and update to you if work or not work and what is the problem. 2.: We are planning to using script to de
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