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  1. Has anyone had a reply from Eset regarding these 'Panics'. The reason for asking is that I sent 'Marcos' a message and the output of running ls -l /Applications on the 5th of this month and up to now there has there been no response and according to the status of the message it has not even been read. I would have thought that Eset would have placed some urgency on this problem but apparently not or else, if they are being proactive they are not communicating the fact very well.
  2. Since reinstalling version 4 days since, I have not experienced any more kernel panics
  3. I like your candor, however not giving ESET a chance to fix or repair, would be counter-productive. ( You would end up with a less protective solution (my opinion ) Ah, but are ESET attempting to fix the problem, do they even monitor this forum?
  4. Since installing version of Cyber Security on my MacBook Pro running OS Mavericks, I have experienced 2 restarts due to Kernel Panics. Prior to installing Cyber Security I had never experienced a Kernel Panic. Please advise on how to prevent further restarts. Note: I have also got a problem with running scheduled scans in that they never start. Again this problem never existed prior to Ver
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