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  1. Hi, I did not notice when or how this happened. Today, I just downloaded some video footage for my work and then noticed that when I play the video, it is already halfway through the timestamp which is weird as usually it starts at 0:00. So I decided to scan my PC to see if there's anything suspicious, but noticed when I tried to check the mini icon on my taskbar, eset was not there where it usually is up and running 24/7 and I searched for it on the search bar and pressed on it, I couldn't remmber what error it was but something to do with .gui and it asked me to delete the shortcut. I then went to the installation folder to check if it is still there, I only saw 2 files which I forgot what it was as I was panicking. Tried to install it but it says that I already have eset installed and then I tried to uninstall it but couldn't and had to uninstall it manually. Before I uninstalled it I ran rogue killer and malwarebytes and there was a bunch of suspicious.pup, trojan."something", miner"something" and so on and had them removed. I then booted up my PC in safe mode, uninstalled and reinstall eset and it is running properly right now. Did a couple of scan on multiple AntiVirus and also scan on MalwareBytes and RogueKiller a couple more time just to be sure. My question is that is my PC still safe, what is the possibility that my PC is still compromised by any sort of threats. Do I need to wipe my disc because I really do not have any backup and backing up my disc now could just mean that the threats are still there maybe? RDP was never enabled on my PC, all file sharing is also disabled. I did not recently install any new software as well. The only connection it has is to a Huawei B618. I hope that I do not need to wipe my disc and install a fresh copy of windows as I have important work file and footages on my PC. I forgot to mention that some of my files are encrypted are they at least safe?
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