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  1. @itman, thank you for your response. ESET is in standard settings. I only changed the DNS network card to
  2. Hi. Thanks for the answers. The problem stopped and it was related to connecting to the magent link via a torrent network. However, I am interested in the situation when in my field of blocked addresses, there are still various messages and even from some common websites that I visit. Is this a normal phenomenon? In each, both the port and the protocol are unknown.
  3. Yes, I have an iPhone and iPad on the network, but I disconnected them from the network during these attacks. There is no firewall configuration in my LTE router, it is in the standard configuration from T-Mobile. And my computer is currently after a fresh installation of Windows - just now I did it again. @Marcos I will try to intercept the transmissions in the next situation of this type, however I do not know when it will happen, because at the moment it stopped. @Nocna sowa I had a situation that a device with an external IP appeared in my local network, which after checking did
  4. I did this test and it looks fine. Is it possible that this attack is through some locally connected device. I will add that it happened to me on a freshly reinstalled windows system.
  5. Thanks for the answer. I use an LTE router, the firewall is turned on and from what I see it is not possible to enter from the outside. This is Huawei B525 and has NAT in the specification.
  6. Hi, I have noticed such multiple blockades from different IP addresses in my network protection registry. I was resetting the router and connecting to the network again and the attacks were still popping up. It wasn't until I started the computer that it disappeared. Can someone explain to me where this could come from? Has anyone tried to hack my computer? I will add that I didn't have any iPhone - iPad on the network.
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