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  1. itman Again, thanks for the response. So I have completely disabled the "Notifications" and have instead created an endpoint policy. Same problem, though, I am unable to receive email notifications for "blocked by anti-phishing blacklist" warnings. I have noticed that if I get a Desktop Notification, I will also receive the email notification although I don't think its necessarily supposed to function that way - I just find it interesting that I don't receive the "blocked by anti-phishing blacklist" on the desktop either Almost there by the looks of it, just need to re
  2. itman Thanks for the reference - spent a good deal of time yesterday implementing a Policy-based approach to this problem Not only did the policy kick off a stack of notifications about failed pico updates but it didn't notify me when detections were raised. Today, I have had success Anti-Virus notifications. I seem to be receiving them from the real-time scanner - I will test the on-demand scanner a little later. However, I do not get the notifications from the detections regarding blocked connections to URL's (see attached) Our business wants these notifications - we
  3. Ok guys Martin - SMTP works fine. As disclosed in the original post we receive some notifications. For example we have a daily report scheduled; we receive this on email. The relay is not the problem Marcos - I want a notification whenever eset creates a detection. We are relying on ESET as an a/v solution for our managed clients. If these notifications aren’t reliable, what happens when a client has an employee that triggers a phishing email but we don’t get “notified” of this? I would expect that the notification capability is designed to keep us updated of what/any activity ESET i
  4. Marcos Local is correct Detection shows up in the ESMC but no notification over email. Recently I discovered that by mounting a Kali .iso image to my machine and running an "On-Demand Scan", the scanner would create close to 500 detections; see screenshot for a sample of the output. None of these Detections created a notification despite the fact that I have an active notification which is designed to notify me when anti-virus picks detects these threats. I have also attached the Notification settings I am using, DPA
  5. Hi there, For quite some time now we have been having the issue of Detections not being delivered through email. Strangely, though, the EICAR test file DOES produce a notification, however if I use the amtso.org site, the phishing test will produce a Detection, however that detection does not send out the desired alert. To put it mildly, it is slowly driving me mad and our business is considering moving to a different product if we can't resolve this seemingly simple problem. As a last resort, i thought i would post the issue up the form as another set of eyes may be able to s
  6. Hi Last week our ESMC software depository went from having whatever packages we required to completely empty. I have spoken directly to a member of support, however no progress has been made. I have taken steps to adjust the source of the repository and i am able to connect to hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/info.meta I have followed the following article - https://support.eset.com/en/kb6749-eset-security-management-center-repository-is-not-working-7x What are the reasons why this will just suddenly occur? We have been offline for far too long and need the situat
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