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  1. itman Again, thanks for the response. So I have completely disabled the "Notifications" and have instead created an endpoint policy. Same problem, though, I am unable to receive email notifications for "blocked by anti-phishing blacklist" warnings. I have noticed that if I get a Desktop Notification, I will also receive the email notification although I don't think its necessarily supposed to function that way - I just find it interesting that I don't receive the "blocked by anti-phishing blacklist" on the desktop either Almost there by the looks of it, just need to resolve this issue Thanks, DPA
  2. itman Thanks for the reference - spent a good deal of time yesterday implementing a Policy-based approach to this problem Not only did the policy kick off a stack of notifications about failed pico updates but it didn't notify me when detections were raised. Today, I have had success Anti-Virus notifications. I seem to be receiving them from the real-time scanner - I will test the on-demand scanner a little later. However, I do not get the notifications from the detections regarding blocked connections to URL's (see attached) Our business wants these notifications - we could possibly look at delivering Syslog into Slack but that's a last resort - the preference is to have them delivered to our support team over email. The scanner that blocks URL's is the http filter - I have attached the settings i have for this notification. Again, the detection is not producing the required notification/alert. Would like to get some clarity here as I have spent so much trying to get these notifications delivered to us for ALL detections
  3. Ok guys Martin - SMTP works fine. As disclosed in the original post we receive some notifications. For example we have a daily report scheduled; we receive this on email. The relay is not the problem Marcos - I want a notification whenever eset creates a detection. We are relying on ESET as an a/v solution for our managed clients. If these notifications aren’t reliable, what happens when a client has an employee that triggers a phishing email but we don’t get “notified” of this? I would expect that the notification capability is designed to keep us updated of what/any activity ESET is doing. We don’t care so much much about volume; fact is we are only seeing 1-2 detections on average per day at best. But if it’s a ransomware then I need to know what’s happening going on. As disclosed, I run Eicar, I get notified. Anything else, no notification
  4. Marcos Local is correct Detection shows up in the ESMC but no notification over email. Recently I discovered that by mounting a Kali .iso image to my machine and running an "On-Demand Scan", the scanner would create close to 500 detections; see screenshot for a sample of the output. None of these Detections created a notification despite the fact that I have an active notification which is designed to notify me when anti-virus picks detects these threats. I have also attached the Notification settings I am using, DPA
  5. Hi there, For quite some time now we have been having the issue of Detections not being delivered through email. Strangely, though, the EICAR test file DOES produce a notification, however if I use the amtso.org site, the phishing test will produce a Detection, however that detection does not send out the desired alert. To put it mildly, it is slowly driving me mad and our business is considering moving to a different product if we can't resolve this seemingly simple problem. As a last resort, i thought i would post the issue up the form as another set of eyes may be able to shed some light as to whether something is set incorrectly. Given we are receiving alerts when testing with the EICAR file, there is nothing wrong with the SMTP relay. Happy to provide whatever information is necessary to ideally diagnose and resolve this Thanks in advance, DPA
  6. Hi Last week our ESMC software depository went from having whatever packages we required to completely empty. I have spoken directly to a member of support, however no progress has been made. I have taken steps to adjust the source of the repository and i am able to connect to hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/info.meta I have followed the following article - https://support.eset.com/en/kb6749-eset-security-management-center-repository-is-not-working-7x What are the reasons why this will just suddenly occur? We have been offline for far too long and need the situation rectified ASAP particularly with so many of clients users working remotely on devices that require connection to the ESMC Thanks, DPA
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