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  1. Could you please clarify where do I find that "logs that we ask for"? Since ticket are not registered and I am not an IT specialist I do not know how to collect those logs.
  2. Well, this time it did the same after restart BUT after 5-7 minutes it resumed and I got firewall alert "Turn on your firewal" so I did turn in on. Now it's all good but I'll attach diagnostics files created with advanced logging (I archived them myself in Diagnostics.rar file). After 5-7 minutes after restart: Right after restart Diagnostics.rar
  3. As I said, I contacted customer support 2 (two) times and DID NOT get confirmation e-mail. That is the reason I came to this forum.
  4. Looks like it has started with 13.x update. After each restart of my PC my firewall goes "unavialable". I found a way to fix it by DISABLING firewall while it is ALREADY unavialable and restarting my PC one again. Very frustrating issue and contacing customer support did not even send me confirmation e-mail on my ticket.
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