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  1. Thank you ITman and all others for the reply. Eset Internet security is amazing product. it takes only 70MB for ram, 10% of cpu and 700MB hdd usage. Really Eset Internet security is very very simple and smart.
  2. Does EIS 13 support for the 10th gen mobile series cpu , gpu and chipset ? because in Tools > running process > number of users are showing green color for all applications but intel command control , gpu and chipset applications are showing yellow color. Why they are in yellow color?
  3. Thank you for ITman and Marcos Sir for your reply. I was click on "Reset" button then I got the result for this (please find the jpg image). is't ok for my Eset internet security for full protection for my home pc. Additional Q: Can I use EIS license for my Android Mobile instead for my PC ? Does EIS support for all Intel 10th generation series (G,U,Y) processor?
  4. I have some questions about EIS Ver 1. How to check whether SSL filtering or Web access protection is enable for Eset internet security ver 2. What shall I do for System cleaner (If i click Reset all , then what will happen)? 3. Why Cloud based Protection asking (Submit anonymous statistics) and information about our system? once we install Eset internet security it's ask only "Enable Eset LiveGrid reputation system (recommended) only" ,other options aren't there in the installation process !. whether we can switch off other three options in cloud based protection?.
  5. I already inform to all if you, "Eset product is best in World, and we're happy to use". Eset is best always, not only me my friends also started to use Eset product. Thank you Marcos Sir, Itman and passingby for all the reply.
  6. Thank you all of you for the reply. Really Eset is good product, it's best for Google chrome browser. Why Eset is non certified product https://www.av-test.org/en/it-security-product-overview/
  7. Marcos Sir, Thank you so much for your reply. In future then and their I randomly check my Eset internet security with eicar test file. https://www.eicar.org/?page_id=3950 Really Eset customer service is Excellent. We're very happy to use Eset internet security.
  8. Thank you for your reply Marcos Sir, I didn't unterstand the following answers 4. How to select UEFI as a target in the on-demand scanner. 5. Can I use chromium edge 64bit browser for Eset internet security. 6. How I can make sure the infected files are totally deleted from my HDD. (Nowadays somany recovery software is available to recover the files). 7. Why cleaner restores the wallpaper after we change the wallpaper to windows. What is the main function of the system cleaner in Eset internet security. It's function is only restore the wallpaper for windows nothing than other function. 9. Those bunch of files doesn't have any spyware, adware or phishing !.
  9. Thank you for the reply Marcos Sir,itman and swamp yankee. I have some questions about Eset internet security. 1. What is the minimum cpu speed requirement and ram capacity. Eset website they didn't mention that. 2. Why recommended options are keep for optional (tick or untick) for the installation. (Ex:- Enable Eset LiveGird Feedback system (recommended)). 3. What is the different between "Unwanted application and Unsafe application" in Advance setup - detection engine. 4. How I can scan the UEFI bios by eset internet security. What are the settings I need to do. 5. Which browser is most suitable for eset internet security (Edge, internet explorer, Mozilla firefox, Google chrome, chromium edge or opera). 6. How to clear infected files in quarantine folder and how I make sure those infected files are fully deleted from my pc. (what happen if I use system recovery software for other purpose) 7. Why system cleaner in more tools option showing (Reset All - 2) message for first time after we change the windows wallpaper. 8. If I disable "Sysmain and Windows search" in services.msc, whether it's affect the Eset protection. 9. When I run the full scan, Eset scan results showing "unable to open files -4". Why is that? (all the settings are default, there is no changes), But Earlier Windows defender scan all the files. 10. How to enable "Eset browser advisor". for safe search.
  10. Thank you Marcos Sir and itman for your reply. Swamp yankee screenshot is correct. It's look like that image. I think Eset internet security is most useful for advanced users only, because basic usuers like me it's very confuse to use. Because I know only to install on windows 10. But these settings I don't know whether I want to switch on or off. In Advance setup there is somany numbers are showing infront of each topic. Why is that? Ex:- Hips -1 Network protection - firewall -2 Parental control - 1 When I run full scan or normal scan I never seen my eset internet security not scan uefi area. But in Eset website they mention eset protect uefi also. Whether I want to do any settings for that scan. I'm not a advance user. I brought eset internet security because of that use (uefi protection and malware protection) Please mention what are the settings we need to do, I fully trust eset internet security only. In future products please keep these settings as default, because it's very helpful for Eset regular customers and new customers (like me).
  11. No, it's normal version. Chromium edge version still I not started to use. Firefox also I'm not interested to use. I'm using only edge and Internet explorer only.
  12. After upgrade to latest version 13.1.21 the "submit sample for analysis" isn't available in more tools option for eset internet security. Why is that?.
  13. Sir, First of all I would like to thank you for the quick response. Did you check the these two files (eicarcom2.zip , eicarcom2.zip (https)), but other eicar files are detected by Eset internet security. I used the Edge browser not firefox. If yes , then how to enable the SSL filtering or Web access protection. (I think automatically eset internet security enable these settings by default when we download and install the eset internet security) so we don't need to do any changes after installation?.
  14. Eset not block the eicar test file. Ex:- eicarcom2.zip , eicarcom2.zip (https) Other major internet security providers are block all eicar test file. Why eset block dangerous files or programs after download from web browser, but other internet securities are block the dangerous downloads before it's download from web browser. Detected files are shows only in logs file report option but quarantine folder is empty. So where is the detected files?. Eset startup splash screen taking too much of time (nearly 1 minute). Eset internet security is very light product, but it's required internet connection every 1 hour. If we not connect the internet on that time the annoying message is appearing every 5 minutes time (bottom right side) and eset user interface change to yellow color. so eset internet security also required full resources from pc/laptop. So without internet connection eset isn't protect the pc?
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