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  1. Actually, I have some good news - I copied about 100 or so wallet files to a flash drive, and copied those to an old PC that was hanging around. I found that not only does the tool properly decrypt all of the files, but it also does what I was hoping. If you decrypt the wallet files a second or third time, it does *not* overwrite the decrypted file (or the file restored from backup already), and instead decrypts them and renames the file with (1) appended to the end of the file, and if you do it again, it will do (2), etc. Example is if "Test.pdf" has already been restored from bac
  2. Hello all, I have some files that were affected by Crysis ransomware with the .wallet extension a couple years ago. I've stumbled upon this tool ESETCrysisDecryptor.exe which I have some hope for. I was curious though if the decryption process will overwrite some of the files I have already restored from a backup. Some of these files I have worked with (made some edits, saved, etc.) since restoring them, so I am curious if running this tool will overwrite my files or not? Or will it decrypt the file and re-name it with different name? like "filename(1).doc or something similar? I
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