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  1. Thanks again for your continuing assistance. Is the above the recommended course of action or are you pitching ideas to Marcos?
  2. Thank you for your assistance, but I already tried all that. "Last known good" fails (BSOD) and I don't have any system restore data because I had this function turned off.
  3. Thanks, yes I have. It fails after a few minutes with an undisclosed reason ("Cannot perform automatic repair. Okay thanks bye.")
  4. As I mentioned above, I am unable to create a ntbtlog, not sure why. It just won't do it. The file in C:\Windows\Minidump is from May of last year so that's not helpful and there is no MEMORY.DMP file in C:\Windows at all
  5. Unfortunately copying edevmon.sys changed nothing. Still can't boot, not even in safe mode. And I seem to be unable to create a ntbtlog as well. I enable logging but no log gets written to HDD. Not sure if there are any options left for me to pursue now
  6. There is also an eset temporary folder in my temp dir. It contains a file named _InstData.xml. The file begins with <PRODUCT NAME="home" MAJOR="000B0001" MINOR="00360000" />
  7. edevmon.sys is indeed missing from \system32\drivers, as are any other files from Eset. Unfortunately there is also no ESET folder in \Program Files anymore. The only ESET related file I could find is a crashdump named ekrn.exe.956.dmp which is located in System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\CrashDumps. It dates around the time I uninstalled Nod32 and is 2.6 MB in size.
  8. That's a really good question lol. I can't honestly say. But my licence was valid until a few days ago and I always installed version upgrades when they were offered.
  9. Thanks for your reply. Could you perhaps furbish me with edevmon.sys instead? I don't have another machine to install Nod32 x86 on
  10. This is on Windows 7, 32bit. I uninstalled Nod32 using its own uninstaller in the start menu group. Since then, I cannot start Windows anymore, not even in safe mode (BSOD). That means I also can't use the esetuninstaller.exe tool, either. Please help, I don't have a recent backup image of my system drive. TIA!
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