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  1. The issue persists also using the uninstall tool. I have many logs I collected during these days. Here they are: Addition.txt AdwCleanerLOG.txt FRST.txt logMB.txt logRogueKiller.txt
  2. Do you mean this? (see attachment file) Here Procmon log you asked me for. Desktop.rar Logfile.rar
  3. Hi everyone, I hope the section is the right one. I have a problem installing ESET INTERNET SECURITY, so I purchased a regular license a few days ago. When I get to install it, the operation aborts and returns the following error: MSI.1923. The application tells me that the operation failed due to the possible presence of malware on the PC. So I did two scans, one with Windows defender and another with the ESET online scanner tool. I then cleaned the PC of some recognized infection, restarted, but the problem persists. I also tried using Safe Mode, but nothing here too. I state that the PC is on par with the latest Windows update. My pc has windows 8.1 Tips? Thanks in advance
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