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  1. true, and I have reinstalled ESET. I don't know if it is a bog concern, but I have 5 machines with ESET installed, yet ESET only sent my 4 licences when I asked for copies, and I have no idea if the licence I used to reinstall ESET was the same licence I used to install it on that machine when I first did so. We'll see what happens.
  2. I ran the ESET uninstall program, and it appears to have uninstalled ESET. no log file that I can see. Now I will attempt reinstalling ESET. Unfortunately I can not logon to ESET Estore as it claims that the only email account I have used for ESET, and one which I have used in the past to logon to the ESET Estore, is no longer valid, and is not associated with an ESET licence. I'll see if I can use the original email from ESET to download the program.
  3. I did not even try to run the ESET uninstall as the documentation said to run windows in safe mode with networking, since networking was not running, I did not see the point. If the documentation states that I should run the uninstall tool with networking enabled, why would I run it without networking? However, I will run the ESET uninstall program in safe mode without networking, and see what happens.
  4. Yes, I am familiar with the up arrow that can hold taskbar icons. There is NO ESET icon in the taskbar. I can pin the ESET icon to the taskbar, but clicking it does not bring up the ESET window. When clicking on it there briefly appears the NOD32 logo, surrounded by a transparent box outlined in red, then nothing -> no ESET window.
  5. I attempted to update ESET, modules appeared to update, but engine would not update. I used the repair function for ESET in Windows 10 apps, and now ESET starts up, but cannot be configured (eg. update modules) and there is no icon on the taskbar. ESET can not be uninstalled, the uninstall in Windows 10 apps is greyed out. Trying to uninstall using ESET uninstall (esetuninstaller.exe) does not work as the network is disabled despite doing a safe boot with network enabled. Under Windows Virus and threat protection ESET is reported as running: no actions needed for Threats, Settings, or Updates. Clicking the OpenApp brings up NOD32 logo for less than a second, and then it is gone, and also no icon on the task bar.
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