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  1. Thank you for MartinK and MichalJ😃 I realized my mistake. I think AD user's password is stored ESMC. This problem is resolved thanks to your support.😊
  2. Sorry to ask something so elementary. I have question about synchronizes users information from Active Directory. My AD user account is become ESMC Web Console users. Does it sync automatically when I will change my AD user password? Which task should I do to do that? or not?
  3. Thank you for emilota and Marcos. I got it😃
  4. Hi😊 I received e-mail last week "ELA Terms of Use have been changed". What changed?? And this e-mail isn't fake, right?
  5. Thank you Marcos😊 and NewbyUser😊 It's good news for us and at ease.
  6. Hi :-) We use windows10 / Endpoint Antivirus v7.1 Is this version compatible with the May 2020 Windows update?
  7. Thank you Marcos😊 We used Windows10 & V6.5 as you said. But I have question. It worked fine until last month. Why doesn't it work at the same time in March ?
  8. Hi 😊 I have same problem. And [After update "ESET Ver.7.1.2053.1" every thing worked out fine!] It happened to me March 4. Can't I use Ver6.5 anymore?
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