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  1. In regards to the JS/Myprivacykeeper: When I choose the advanced options it only lets me report it and/or exclude it from detection. Is it safe to exclude it from detection? I hit clean every time it comes up, but it seems to always come up and gets really annoying. And, something I found odd is that it happened on our new Microsoft Surface, but it gave me the option to delete. But, on my laptop deleting is never an option.
  2. ESET keeps detecting these 3 files & says they cannot be cleaned. Only offers NO ACTION or DELETE: When I searched for 'CompuTrace' it says that these files help with updates. IF that is the case then why is ESET saying they are potentially unsafe?? Also, lately I've been having the JS/myprivacykeeper notification constantly comes up as well. It happens with Chrome. But, it doesn't give me the option to delete the file. If I can find it on my hard drive is it ok to delete the file as well? I'm just tired of them popping ALL THE TIME! Can they be deleted safely or are they actually safe files?? TIA!!
  3. Looking at ESET Internet Security & ESET Smart Security Premium for USA. Need something for multiple devices.
  4. Looking at ESET Internet Security & ESET Smart Security Premium in USA. I would like it for multiple devices. Add Tag Reply to this topic Start new topic Moderation Actions
  5. If I purchase this item for $60 how many items/machines can I put it on? So far I haven't seen it stated anywhere as to how many machines 1 product covers.
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