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  1. After the recent anti-phising error. We upgraded all of our clients endpoint security to 7.2 version. After the upgrade, the error messages are gone But the Outlook add-in doesnt seem to work anymore. The tool bar is missing buttons, and spam mail doesnt get filtered. I've tried to disable Outlook integration and enabling it again but with no luck. We have Windows 7, and 10 machines and using Outlook 2016 mainly. Any ideas are appreciated. Thank you
  2. Any ideas why doesnt the ESET outlook add-ins doesnt work after applying the fix, and updating the clients to 7.2 I've tried reinstalling, re-enabling the outlook integration. Nothing seems to work.
  3. Outlook add-in doesn't seem to work even with the updated 7.2 versions. Any suggestions?
  4. Is this issue related to all of our ESET Outlook add-ins stopped working? (Few of the buttons i.e "junk mail sender address" etc are missing.
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