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  1. Glitch, we are not stupid. We know there is a fix, but there is only a fix for certain versions. Our version is not covered in the fix.
  2. Not for people who have rebooted there pc's, if there is...please direct me to it..
  3. It's nearly day 4, and still no fix. Im sorry but it's time to change providers.....
  4. Where is the link to this download...? Multiple people have rebooted there pc's over the last 3 days. Will the fix clear up their issues also...? It is 3 days now....!!!!!
  5. All we need now is some ransomware to be released and the majority of ESET protected machines that have no fix and cannot update or un-install will be infected... Tell me im wrong...!!!!! If this is not a serious as it comes for a security product i don't know what is. I have several companies I support ringing asking if they are secure, and I have to say no, but we are waiting on a fix. Most are now asking if we can change product....!!!!!!
  6. Servers running ver: 6.5.1210.0 are all not working either, this is becoming a complete nightmare. When is this fix being released...? Cannot run the patch - it says patch not needed....! Cannot run the upgrade -: hxxp://prntscr.com/r0kl1l Now im at 75 Servers and 640 workstations unprotected.....!!!!!!
  7. If it's the same file that is password protected that I tried to run earlier, it did not work. I downloaded the binary file, I even tried the link to download; powershell -command "& {(New-Item -ItemType Directory -Force -Path C:\Test);(New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('hxxp://...CertFix.exe', 'c:\Test\CertFix.exe');("Start-process C:\Test\CertFix.exe") }" nothing works, we need a fix and a.s.a.p., workstations and Servers without protection, an accident waiting to happen....!!!
  8. This is one of the main reasons I left Sophos and went with ESET. I now have over 75 clients with no protection, and no way to un-install or re-install. Phone ringing constantly from all the companies I support. It is also causing issues with people who use RDP connections, they are also getting blocked...!!!! I had to pause protection to get them to reconnect..!!!
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