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  1. Are you saying that you had Eset 5, installed 6, then went back to 5 (when you experienced the Kernel Panic issues), and STILL had Kernel Panics with 5 installed thereafter? I like your candor, however not giving ESET a chance to fix or repair, would be counter-productive. ( You would end up with a less protective solution (my opinion ) I went from v5, to 6, then back to 5. Have had it installed for a week now without any Kernel Panics. Appreciate your comment, and yes I'll give them a chance... It's the least I can do, but if this happens again I'm gone for good. I can't deal with the downtime, there must be good quality assurance across the board before releases are issued. This is the same thing that just happened with PS4 users this week. A major firmware update was released for the console and it has bugs. Thousands downloaded it just to see their consoles go completely black on screen, game crashes, no network connectivity, and screen flickering. While others had no issues whatsoever apparently. Again this means that coders, techs, and the like must test software out across the board continuously on different hardware (or scenarios in general). Just to triple check there not being any compatibility issues.
  2. After having 3 Kernel Panics occur I went without one for about two weeks. Mind you I wasn't using my Macbook much these past two weeks. Then all of a sudden I got my 4th Kernel Panic a couple days ago. Enough is enough so last night I uninstalled Eset Cyber Security 6 using the uninstaller in the applications "Resources" folder. I then went ahead and downloaded Eset Cyber Security 5 and re-installed that version (which never gave me problems before). Let's see how this fares out... I had every Kernel Panic occur during web browsing use with version 6. I noticed web pages took a slightly bit longer to load in version 6, and the real time scanner numbers never really increased. With v5 installed again everything seems to be working fine. I was going to walk away from using Eset completely... We'll see how this goes...
  3. @Tese I too am considering moving onto a new anti virus if these issues continue. Eset has always been great for years, but they're beginning to add too many uneeded features that other anti virus' have done in the past over time. Which if they haven't noticed will work against them in the long run. Focus on maintaining a stable AV, instead of going overboard with other features on every release. This is why this bug slipped through... Still no word from Eset, the least someone can do is apologize!
  4. Since my initial 3 kernel panics I haven't had another one as yet (check my previous post out on page 1). This is proposterous though, I have no idea if the new Cyber Secuity 6 should stay on my MacbookPro or not! Just because I haven't had another kernel panic doesn't mean I won't get one again. Since the initial ones I have resumed usage of my MacbookPro putting some heavy hours of use to it. I really would hate to remove Eset Cyber Security 6, but it might be the safest thing to do. Unless one of the normal program updates that happen during the day fixed the issue (which could be why I haven't had another panic since then). In any case can a Eset moderator give me instructions on how I can remove EVERY piece of Cyber Security 6 after doing a regular uninstall with the setup application? I know it's got to leave some files and folders behind that the uninstall must miss. That's the only way I will ever remove it. & probably go back to version 5... I hope you can give me some steps on how to do so. It's the least you could do for the unsaved work I lost!
  5. I too have had kernel panic reboots happen (3 of them during the same day), after installing the latest version of Cyber Security 6. Each one occurred while browsing the internet on my Macbook Pro 2013 model running Mountain Lion 10.8.5. Each of the kernel panics contain the following within the error report: This is very disheartening, I have never had any issues with Eset in my 5+ years as a customer. Why would they release a version that would crash on so many people so shortly after installing the upgrade? One would think they would have tried Cyber Security 6 out for such a while that they too would have experienced the error. I'm not one to upgrade to beta versions, and this is technically a beta version distributed as an official release! I still haven't uninstalled it. Currently on the phone with Eset to see what they have to say about this. I shouldn't have to uninstall and downgrade. That leaves traces of files laying around, that you can never be sure of removing all of them. I'm curious to know if the regular updates Eset downloads (every few hours), would fix the issue? Probably not because that just downloads the virus definitions files I assume. & wouldn't overwrite any software files that would need to be patched to correct our kernel panic issue. Although I may be wrong... In any case they should solve this now before people start spreading the news and Eset gets a bad rep. If they can't resolve it with a regular update, then release a patch upgrade. Don't make people have to uninstall anything, or downgrade. I have barely used my Macbook this week because of the 3 kernel panics that occurred on my machine earlier this week when I upgraded from v5 to 6. Come on think about your customers here! I can't seriously try to work on some important stuff and risk losing my progress completely because of a crash. It's also not good for your computer hardware in general to spontaneously reboot. That can cause issues with your hard drive, data, etc. I'm real upset here... & I have 3 licenses! UPDATE: Who knows how many people around the world have been having this issue and don't make a mention of it. Because they're not computer savvy enough to know what's going on. Imagine the masses of people taking their Macs to genius bars, or technicians for uneeded repairs. I was told by an Eset technical service representative (over the phone just now), to uninstall and reinstall Cyber Security 6. I told her many people on the forums did that already and it still occurs, but she persisted I do so. She didn't even tell me to save my settings as an XML file before doing so. In fact she asked me "What would you even need that for?" when I mentioned that I would never uninstall Eset without saving my settings first! I didn't uninstall it as yet... I'm trying to find out what files will be left over & where before even considering my doing so. If I do uninstall I'll probably end up using Cyber Security 5 again. But this is proposterous when I should be able to use Cybersecurity 6, I mean isn't that what we're paying for? I asked her if Eset software regular updates not only update the virus definition database, but if they also patch program files. And she said they do for Windows but not on Macs. Apparently we just get virus definitions updates alone. The last thing she said was that sometimes upgrading Eset from one version to another can cause these types of issues. Whereas she suggests a full uinstall first. In my case I had upgraded with the existing version 5 still being there beforehand. Though I had done this many a time before version 6 came out and never had an issue. What makes me laugh the most is her telling me if I uninstalled Cybersecurity 6 there would be no leftover files. Come on, everyone knows that nearly any program that uninstalls leaves traces of files all over a hdd (Eset is not exempt from that). This whole kernel panic issue smells like a BUG!
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