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  1. Are you saying that you had Eset 5, installed 6, then went back to 5 (when you experienced the Kernel Panic issues), and STILL had Kernel Panics with 5 installed thereafter? I like your candor, however not giving ESET a chance to fix or repair, would be counter-productive. ( You would end up with a less protective solution (my opinion ) I went from v5, to 6, then back to 5. Have had it installed for a week now without any Kernel Panics. Appreciate your comment, and yes I'll give them a chance... It's the least I can do, but if this happens again I'm gone for good. I can't
  2. After having 3 Kernel Panics occur I went without one for about two weeks. Mind you I wasn't using my Macbook much these past two weeks. Then all of a sudden I got my 4th Kernel Panic a couple days ago. Enough is enough so last night I uninstalled Eset Cyber Security 6 using the uninstaller in the applications "Resources" folder. I then went ahead and downloaded Eset Cyber Security 5 and re-installed that version (which never gave me problems before). Let's see how this fares out... I had every Kernel Panic occur during web browsing use with version 6. I noticed web pages took a slightly bit l
  3. @Tese I too am considering moving onto a new anti virus if these issues continue. Eset has always been great for years, but they're beginning to add too many uneeded features that other anti virus' have done in the past over time. Which if they haven't noticed will work against them in the long run. Focus on maintaining a stable AV, instead of going overboard with other features on every release. This is why this bug slipped through... Still no word from Eset, the least someone can do is apologize!
  4. Since my initial 3 kernel panics I haven't had another one as yet (check my previous post out on page 1). This is proposterous though, I have no idea if the new Cyber Secuity 6 should stay on my MacbookPro or not! Just because I haven't had another kernel panic doesn't mean I won't get one again. Since the initial ones I have resumed usage of my MacbookPro putting some heavy hours of use to it. I really would hate to remove Eset Cyber Security 6, but it might be the safest thing to do. Unless one of the normal program updates that happen during the day fixed the issue (which could be why I hav
  5. I too have had kernel panic reboots happen (3 of them during the same day), after installing the latest version of Cyber Security 6. Each one occurred while browsing the internet on my Macbook Pro 2013 model running Mountain Lion 10.8.5. Each of the kernel panics contain the following within the error report: This is very disheartening, I have never had any issues with Eset in my 5+ years as a customer. Why would they release a version that would crash on so many people so shortly after installing the upgrade? One would think they would have tried Cyber Security 6 out for such a while
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