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  1. update now Eset block all download files from collapseit.com (GOOD WORK ESET) keybtc.btc are still undetected
  2. i report the mail receive from ESET , and not thanks to me but thanks to the text inside the post from eset because ESET not answer here but to mail I also reported another Cryptolocker = is not the same criptolocker
  3. i know that "Undetected by most AVs in VirusTotal:" but sorry but don't meaning nothing ... last or least .. understand what i meaning however i SUD to you and you add detection -- VERY GOOD WORK
  4. Thank you for your submission. The detection for this threat will be included in our next signature update. sansviolence.exe - Win32/Filecoder.NCD trojan
  5. SAMPLES SENT TO ESET new cryptolocker variant *********************************************************************************************** FIle downloaded from: hxxp:// C&C IP address: ********************************************************************************************************* Can you please add detection?
  6. From 2014/08/05 there is this new RansomWare At 2014/08/06 i have sent you sample and you have add detection and block download of the zip file but eset not detect btc file https://www.virustotal.com/it/file/37c73b3d6ba7d96cbf387f4436f6a2262af14b84f9c0a218fde1b28db5edd23f/analysis/ ********************************************************************************************************** ESET Malware Response Team have the file from 2014/08/06 06/08/2014 20:05:16 Kernel ESET Il file 'D:\A MALWARE\keybtc.btc' è stato inviato a ESET per l'analisi. ***************************************
  7. I have sent mail with attach files and screenshot I have the last 144 files triple check with emisoft, kaspersky, bitdefender (only troyan and backdoor no corrupt files and not detect by eset smart securty 7) Can you please tell me if i can send a mail with screenshot and link to download? or do you prefer 10 20 samples in attach for time? Thank You Regards Luigi
  8. I have do how you have suggested remove clean, corrupted, puas, grayware etc no more large packages i have send a small packages with 14 files (test with other software vendors infected) Regards Luigi
  9. Hy I write here to ask : I have send mail to samples@eset.com to ask how submit a large collection of malware ESET Malware Response Team answer me to send samples to check the quality. I sent it but i not receive answer I have send mail to samples@eset.com with some malware samples but no attach because too large and i post a link with request to alert me if don't accept it i not receive answer I have Eset Smart Security 7 with 5 licenses I wrote to support@eset.com but they tell me to write a samples@eset.com How i can have a feedback and answer? Thank You Regar
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