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  1. I could not get it into safe mode. Ended up having Tech Support remote in to do that and fix the problem. Hopefully. Thanks everyone for your help! Kristi
  2. Hmm I am pretty sure I used the control panel programs section to uninstall. Before I saw your reply I continued the uninstall with ignores, there were other files and rebooted machine. Then tried to re-install it. No Go. Still thinks it is installed. I don't have the directories and files it was looking to delete. Not seeing your reply, I sent a tech request via email to support. Is that the same place as this? Should I continue here or wait til they get back to me. Thanks so much for your help! Kristi
  3. This morning I got an error “can not communicate with kernel” after my system rebooted with a windows update over night. I looked on you site for what to do and it says, manually uninstall the software. I did that but now I get “Could not delete key …..\ekrn.exe. Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personnel. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kristi
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