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  1. Log files have been sent. There are no recent files in quarantine.
  2. It's a 32-bit service made by our own company. Has been running for months with no issues. Just funny that ESET suddenly created what to me seems like obvious false positive warnings only seconds after an ESET update. The same issue occurs after update of the Detection Engine (version 20664) and Rapid Response module (version 15560) . It seems to happen only for one service and on one PC, so not much data to base any claims on. ESET seems to create warnings when a service log entry is written to C:\ProgramData\<company>\<application>\<log>\<textfile.log.txt> Events
  3. Five seconds after update of Detection Engine (version 20663) and Rapid Response module (version 15559), Eset's HIPS module started to generate Ransomwear-warnings, apparently when a Windows service was writing an innocent logging text to a log-file. This only happened to one service though. The service has been running for months without issues. Suspecting false positive here... Anyone with similar issues? BR SWa
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