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  1. Dear all, Sorry I have a big trouble I have already changed my old antivirus to be ESET in my entire office. At first, I can handle block all storage media , and allow some (USB Flash drive and External HDD) based on Serial Number. But after 3 weeks, I found that : 1. Many flash drive have no Serial Number 2. ESET can not detect SD Card Serial Number 3. For some HDD (not all), ESET can detect the serial number, but still can not allow it, although I have registered on allow policy Is there in here have same trouble with me? Please kindly nee
  2. Thanks all, But Basically my problem is not on PFX file. I have already successfully install on my ESMC. But, I dunno how to install it on MDM Server. (I use linux) Thanks,
  3. I would like to install SSL for HTTPS on MDM Server, I have already crate PFX File, and put it on connector (server.xml) But my hhtps MDM is still "Not Secure" What should I do??? Anyway, I have already successfully install SSL on ESMC.
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