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    stevemaser received kudos from AlexW in Future changes to ESET Endpoint programs   
    Description:   For the Mac version of ESET, the "alert" settings should be global settings and not per-user settings.
    Details:  We are one of the orgs moving from SCEP to ESET for now and *not* using the ERA (as we would prefer not to have to spin up yet-another-server for this.)    Apparently all the Preferences --> User --> Alerts and Notification settings are stored within a ~/.esets/gui.cfg file.   This is a problem -- especially for the "Protection Statuses" Alerts.    We need to be able to turn those off globally -- especially for computer labs where local student accounts are wiped from computers soon after they log out.   We (as computer administrators) should be able to set these globally for all users without having to massage a file into each user account every time somebody new logs into the computer.
    It's nice to see that ESETs has more notifications than SCEP, but end users in a computer lab do not need to get an alert that "operating system is not up to date" (for example) when we control OS patch releases.
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