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  1. I ended up deleting the VM and reinstalling, and it accepted the key the first time. So im assuming that i screwed up the setup somewhere. Thanks all for your help!
  2. Thanks for your reply, Where do i find the server tracelog? Its currently its own VM. also, What is the PLID? i do know that they key is still working as ive recently installed it onto a computer manualy, and the key has also worked in another remote admin site.( has been removed from there)
  3. Thanks for your reply, I beleve ive gone through and changed the settings for the DNS and gateway, but still nothing sadly.
  4. Hey Marcos, Thanks for your reply. The server is not behind any firewall as the firewall is turned off.
  5. Howdy, Ive just installed ERA on one of my servers, Using the VHD from the webiste. Completed setup, logged ontop the web admin page, tried to add a license, and getting an error "failed to add license by license key: Failed to connect to the licensing server." Ive read through some of the fourm and found that you need to be able to get to https://edf.eset.com/edf and for it to show an XML, Which it is currently, however still can not add any licenses. Ive tried restarting the VM multiple times, checked and im pretty sure im not using a proxy. The license has been used on another ERA and worked fine, it has since been remoeved as that was for another client, only used to test. Any help would be thankful. Many Thanks, Kyle
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