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  1. i know that its not avaliable now .. but i want to ask if there any intention from Eset about this however , i will happy to see eset in arabic in version 9
  2. hellow i want to ask about Eset 9 is this version will support arabic language ?
  3. is there any difference in the quality between trial version and activated version ?
  4. hi I have problem with smart security 7 : Anti-Theft Optimization warning Issue: Windows Accounts are Not Password Protected however , i using password to protect my windows 7 help plz
  5. hello Ramadan Kareem - رمضان كريم why eset is not avaliable in arabic language ? i think its very importanat to have eset in arabic . many of arabs used this antivirus
  6. hellow how can i setting "smart security 7 " to achieve highest protection ? thnx ..
  7. hi all first, sorry if have mistake in language , I have problem with smart scan , its reached around 98% and then will become very very slowly . is this problem in all user or just with me ?
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