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  1. Hi, I am still problem. I see this problem with eset smart security ver 8 Thanks!
  2. Hi, Today I try to update, but it can't update and found some problem as picture attached.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I use Eset endpint security. When I am downloading ESET will clean the file. Please help me to check it. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I want to use the StationPlaylist Creator with FM Station, but eset is clean this file and can't download it. Here is link hXXp://www.stationplaylist.com/CreatorDemo.exe Please help me to check it. Many thanks!
  5. Dear all, After I remove and install it again. I can't upadate and run the eset endpoint security. It show me with error egui. Please hlep me to fix it. Thanks!
  6. Please go to windows safe mode for removing the eset. After that update your driver of vga and chipset. And then please try to install it again.
  7. Sorry maybe my inter was interrupted and I refresh it for 3 times. I will find the message receive from the client. Many thanks!
  8. Hi all, Before my client work well and can update from ERA. But just 1 or 2 day they can't download definition update from ERA. What should I do? Many thanks! Savuth
  9. Hi all, I got the message alert "Address has been block" from eset. All pc alert this message. What is problem? Please help me to check it with the picture below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ni5fdbsxknradon/Esset%20Massage.png Many thanks!
  10. Dear all, I can't clean the virus loder.dll Please help me to check in image screen short with the link below https://www.dropbox.com/s/2alnid4ellxznzy/Uanble%20to%20Clean.png Many thanks!
  11. Dear All, When I connect with the internet, I always get alert like picture as below: What is problem? How can I fix it? Thanks!
  12. No, I setup it with default option. But I still get the double computer name. And I found that, when I change the computer name ERA still remember the old one and store new one also. Thanks!
  13. Yes I have MS Active Directory. How could I remove duplicate name in eset client tab? Many thanks!
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