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  1. While I do appreciate your time and support, I would like, if possible, to have an official reply and/or position from ESET about this case and why I have never received any update regarding any of the false positive support inquiries that I have submitted in the past weeks about this case. Going further, I am still expecting a resolution from ESET and this case is to be considered unsolved at this time.
  2. As I explained in my starting post, I already submitted this case to the default false positive report email address. The result was: no reply whatsoever, either automatic or from a person. For this reason, I was hoping that the forum may be a better chance at obtaining the necessary support since the false positive detection in question is affecting a commercial software product since more than 2 months. What I need now is a contact person or different email address than the default one in order to submit the case for review as it seems the default email address for false positive report
  3. Unfortunately, the URL used to download the affected product installers in question is not public so I cannot offer it on the public forum. Please let me know if you can recommend a contact email address where I can send you the complete details.
  4. During the last 8 weeks I have attempted multiple times to obtain an answer from ESET regarding a false positive detection report that has been submitted according to the official guidelines present at hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN141#SubmitFile, however, without success (no auto-reply or answer / conclusion received overall). Please let me know if there is a different procedure in place at this moment and if you can recommend a contact person or email address that I should reach out to for such cases, expecting a time is of the essence processing method that wil
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