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  1. Eset File Security: v7.2.574.0 Eset Agent Version: v8.0.2216.0 Ubuntu: v20.04.01 LTS Environment: Virtual Server configured for vSphere 6.7 My organization needs to get this one figured out. This error seems to be a recurring theme for your products in the Linux environment, as I've read countless posts with similar issues. Most seem to be closed out with no solutions documented in the threads. Our company is starting to deploy a lot more Ubuntu servers in our environment and need to have this addressed. During troubleshooting I've tried both the libssl-de
  2. Try running the following: C:\> sfc /scannow This is the Windows system file checker, should identify missing files and replace them.
  3. slmgr.vbs is part of the licensing subsystem for all Windows versions. If you are in a KMS environment you are pretty familiar with executing that file. I imagine MS leveraged that file for adding the license to extend your Windows 7 support.
  4. What virus signature version was the culprit and which version fixes this issue? You made a lot of folks in a healthcare setting very upset with the Ryuk nonsense going on.
  5. Yes we did. I am ashamed to admit is was version 4.5.
  6. Upgraded ESET on several Windows 2016 Servers to: File Security for Microsoft Windows Servers v7.1.12006.0 After doing so I am getting the following error every 2 hours in the Windows Event Log. - System - Provider [ Name] Service Control Manager [ Guid] {555908d1-a6d7-4695-8e1e-26931d2012f4} [ EventSourceName] Service Control Manager - EventID 7006 [ Qualifiers] 49152 Version 0 Level 2 Task 0 Opcode 0 Keywords 0x8080000000000000 - TimeCreated [ SystemTime] 2019-10-24T13:06:58.718174200Z EventRecordID 5
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