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  1. Surprise, in one last effort I seem to have found it. I have entered a menu which you seem you can only edit if you click on the eset symbol in the menu bar. You click on Preferences ("Voreinstellungen") and then you select the scan-profile deep scan and disable the drives. This solved it. Now guys, there's one problem left: This GUI is terrible.
  2. Hi there, I have seen this topic in variations in this forum without any solution whatsoever. This is the mac edition now. When I restart my iMac (BigSur 11.2), Eset 6.10.600.0 deep scans all my external drives. We're talking about hundreds of thousands of files. This is not the initial scan, as this one was finished a day earlier, because I re-installed eset three days ago, after it finally seems to work with Big Sur (three months in which I paid for a subscription, where the app was not supposed to work, thank you very much.) I can honestly say, that I do not understan
  3. I have the same problem. Eset tells me that I am supposed to have some webservice software running (which I am not aware of), but they couldn't find the exact title of the software, so I am back to square one. This does render eset security useless to me as I cannot work with my mac any longer. macos 10.14.6 it happened two weeks ago when the new eset update was installed. It might also have something to do with the new safari update that was pushed shortly after that. All the other software has remained the same since then.
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