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  1. Marcos, I posted in the EndPoint Forum as well earlier today and that post is still pending approval. Is there anything you can do to expedite it?
  2. Good Morning, I searched the forums because I figured for sure someone would have asked something close to this, but did not find anything. I have setup the VA ESMC and no I need to migrate the clients over to ESMC Management agent instead of ERA Agent. How can I do this when my ERA server is no longer accessible? I'd talking about around 200 remote systems.
  3. I also have tried both 32 and 64 bit files on my 64 bit OS.
  4. After I download the installer and try to install it on my windows 10 system, it tells me this product is not intended for my OS. I made sure to select the Windows product. Any thoughts? Also, I just built a ESMC using the Virtual Appliance OVA file. I have gone through the help files to configure it, but when I create and download the installer, I get a Publisher: Unknown warning. Can anyone tell me why? What did I miss?
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