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  1. Problem solved, it was only lingered a while to be detected, follow the steps that Aryeh Goretsky spoke and everything worked, now the files are being added on time, I'm sending along with an analysis of files VirusTotal to facilitate analysis. Starting from now I hope to contribute to the detection of zero day . Thanks for listening.
  2. Hello, I would like to make a suggestion. I am Hunter malware, do tests with detection signatures with Eset SS. I wish I had a faster way for me to submit the files to the lab of eset, because I have dozens of files daily zero day, he would be quickly added to the database eset, which not take so long. An area could be created in the forum to which these applications have a special analysis, as with other av. Why time is not added to the files either by sending email and by own security suite, or when you add has already been too long, or al compensates more. Would also like to congratulate the excellent work you have been doing 95-98% rate of zero day is not for everyone, only the strong can, waiting for version 8 comes with sandbox and more sensitive hips. Thank you for your attention and greetings from Brazil
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