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  1. Would advance diagnostic .etl file help you in identification of the issue?
  2. Hi marcos, I have setup an update mirror using a shared folder by giving proper read rights to all the clients and they are fetching the updates gracefully but the problem is with the single machine which used to download updates from the ESET update servers over the internet to serve the clients. When it notifies with Internal Server Error, Does it mean that because huge number of MBs need to be downloaded, it disconnects during update process because of latency problems between my machine and ESET Update Servers? and when i was configuring the whole setup lately, i also tried to download updates using mirrortool.exe sometimes it stuck at 20% 45% and then fail and at times it successfully download the updates?
  3. Hello, I am using ESET Endpoint Security on (PC-1) through which i am creating an update mirror for clients (PC-2, PC-3, PC-4) to receive updates from a shared folder, at times (PC-1) shows error module update failed, when i check logs at Tools > Log Files > Events it states: Module: Update Event: Internal Server Error and after that on next attempt it successfully updates the modules, couldn't understand what is causing the module updates to fail with error? If i try to ping ESET Update Servers from (PC-1) it replies with high ms vales ( > 250 ms ) , Is this because of the connectivity issues between (PC-1) and the ESET Update Servers?
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