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  1. Thanks for the reply, itman. Yes. I did try mapping the containing folder to a drive and entering the process exclusion that way. It was still not accepted. Seems the ESET software knows it is a network drive. Very strange. This seems like a notable limitation or oversight, right? Cannot image this has not been encountered before.
  2. We have an app / process that needs to be excluded from real-time protection, and it is located on a network share. When we try add the path to the .exe file, the application baulks saying the item is invalid. It seems only be an issue with with the process on the network share with a path like "\\myserver\myfolder\myprogram.exe", as doing the same with "C:\myserver\myfolder\myprogram.exe" works fine. The problem is that this process *is* located on the network, and I need to exclude it. How is this done? Thanks@
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