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  1. Hi, I'm having issues activating the new Linux 8 AV. if followed the guide and used both license key and password methods however im recieving the errors ESET Endpoint Antivirus Error: Cannot read from socket: Connection closed & ESET Endpoint Antivirus Error: Service closed connection My firewall is off so i know i'm not getting blocked, so do i need a different credentials for activation?
  2. Hi i have encountered a problem regarding scheduled scan process handing post scan date, the process involved is /opt/eset/esets/lib/esets_sci --racl --scanlog 2:ESET Remote Administrator --profile=scan_deep. This process executed on the scheduled date which was sunday 15th September 2019 and performed the system scan. However, it seems after the most recent scan this process began to hang with the status "uninterrupted sleep". This cause our server load to increase drastically, after investigating we found that the mention process was the cause of the high load. Currently i have re
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