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  1. Hi Marcos, See the Attached logs and a screenshot of the error i received when i run the command. Based on the error could you confirm what dns or ip the that the activation server is located on so i can confirm that we are not blocking the connection from our side. Regards Odain Henry eea_logs.tar.zip
  2. Hi Marcos, I have the following Installed on Redhat Linux Server: However when i run the command to activate the license as this cannot be done via the GUI like the previous version 4.0 thus, getting the following alerts: the command im using to activate is the one given in the guide, ive tried the the following: lic -k "with Licesne Key" /opt/eset/eea/sbin/lic -u with "username and password" neither command seems to work to activate the product. Please let me know if im doing something wrong here?
  3. My License ID is: 3AF-5FE-NPA I've seen another topic that has the same issue as im mentioning and to resolve it, it seems some users are given a priviate message with the required information.
  4. Hi, I'm having issues activating the new Linux 8 AV. if followed the guide and used both license key and password methods however im recieving the errors ESET Endpoint Antivirus Error: Cannot read from socket: Connection closed & ESET Endpoint Antivirus Error: Service closed connection My firewall is off so i know i'm not getting blocked, so do i need a different credentials for activation?
  5. Hi i have encountered a problem regarding scheduled scan process handing post scan date, the process involved is /opt/eset/esets/lib/esets_sci --racl --scanlog 2:ESET Remote Administrator --profile=scan_deep. This process executed on the scheduled date which was sunday 15th September 2019 and performed the system scan. However, it seems after the most recent scan this process began to hang with the status "uninterrupted sleep". This cause our server load to increase drastically, after investigating we found that the mention process was the cause of the high load. Currently i have removed the current scheduled scan from the administrative console as well and will keep monitoring. I felt it was important to report this as other users may also be experience high load on on there machines and may not know what the cause might be. After some more investigation i've noticed from the scan logs that all servers reporting the high load had scans which hanged when scanned a /mnt file path. I believe this may now be the cause, however i will be performing more testing and provide and update on this. Kind Regards Odain Henry
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