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  1. @Marcos your solution worked, thank you! @itman thank you for your input as well. I'm back up and running again. I would like to know what caused it to stop in the first place but happy nevertheless that I have my software back...I've used this product for some years now and wouldn't use any other antivirus!
  2. The upgrade didn't succeed. I'm trying to understand the error code and solution but it appears that a driver may be the reason why the upgrade didn't succeed. I'm going to attempt a clean boot and try the upgrade again and if successful, try to install eset nod32. I'll keep you informed.
  3. I'm running Windows 10 version 1803. As much as this PC updates, I'm wondering why it hasn't updated to the most current version, but I'm working on that now. Once that's done, I'll try the install again as I'm guessing that you're inferring that the O/S needs to be up to date to run the app. I'll report back once all this has been completed.
  4. Hello. I recently noticed that eset was not running on my system. I tried to reinstall it several times and it fails. I've run the install fix, the cleaner and even used the boot disk to run a full system scan. It found 2 problems and took care of them but the program still won't install. I'm attaching collection logs... eav_logs.zip
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