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  1. It's easy to remove it,I can install a new windows but i want eset to detect it,It's not only about removing it Changing windows can remove anything It'd be better if eset detected this new virus,Anyway,i'll contact eset middle east.
  2. I've tried to delete it from safe mode and still can't delete it And malwarebytes couldn't and eset couldn't And about synaptics,No i've installed a program is i said which caused these problems before buying eset Note:When i deleted these files from safe mode,It gave me the same erorr but when i click try again the folder closes automatically (Using safe mode)
  3. As i said antimalwares found viruses in these files I can't see it whatever i do,Only from exclusions and this isn't important because i could remove it ! What's important is that files in %temp% because i can't remove it neither with eset nor anti-malwares And about the other viruses which in appdata,There's a screenshot and the same files name as which are in %temp% except and there's infinite files in these files in %temp% and the screenshot is below
  4. yes it's a virus and i can find some virus files in my pc and when i scanned it with antimalwares it detected viruses from these files and still can't delete it and when i restart the pc then go fast to %temp% i still can't delete it,Which means that my pc might be hacked I can give you the source of the virus as i told you to detect it Note : i could find some hidden files which i can't see,I saw it from exclusions It's in appdata but i couldn't delete it and i made everything visible from file explorer options and still can't see these files except from
  5. I have virus in my pc which can't be deleted and i know it's source I've found some files in %temp% and ofc there's other viruses I'm using eset smart security premium When i delete it it says Error 0x80070091 and eset can't detect it If you want me to give you the source of this virus,I don't have a problem with that but i just need to remove it !
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