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  1. PRODUCT_LANG=<LCID> did the trick. Thank you very much.
  2. Since version 7, all language versions are within one installer. How can I change the installed language? Because Eset is NOT using the windows display language as reference. I cannot change other region settings for Eset...
  3. Hello, I'm using ERA 6 with Eset Mail Security (for Exchange) 4.5.10023.0. I want to manage the settings using the policy "ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (V4)". When I select Server>Quarantine>Common message quarantine and enter an email address, this setting gets lost after I click the finish button. Other settings are displayed and getting synced Even worse neither enabled nor disabled, it does not show up and always deletes manual values(emptying the field) entered on the mail server. I have to disable the whole policy to retain my common message quarantine on the mail server. Apply or force does not make any difference. Creating a new policy with just this options shows no settings selected and does not work either. Any ideas oder solutions?
  4. I haven't seen a change in the supported platforms. Somehow I missed this information. You are right, it's now working as expected. Thank you.
  5. Anything new to this topic? I don't think the new version v4.5.10021.0 will support the new exchange version?!
  6. Hello, I want to ask if there are already plans for a beta release of the ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server. I'm customer of the actual release and I would be glad to test the new version(both scenarios: windows server 2012 and R2). Thanks
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