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  1. YES, YES, YES, It works (doing happy dance right now) Thank you so much @Marcos When i got this laptop there was some software which I removed very quickly and replaced by legal. As a antivirus there was AVG, but I love ESET better. So many thanks Greetings from Koos in Holland 😀😀😀
  2. Hi @Marcos, Hosts file contains: activate.adobe.com practivate.adobe.com lmlicenses.wip4.adobe.com lm.licenses.adobe.com na1r.services.adobe.com hlrcv.stage.adobe.com edf.eset.com Which has to go or getting changed I'll try dns servers after sending this mail Greetings Koos
  3. Good evening, For the last two days I tried to activate my (online) bought license for ESET Smart Security Premium 1 Device 1 Year PC ESET Key GLOBAL, but every time I get a ECP 20003 error and message licensingserver couldn't been reached. I'm a bit sad now as I think I tried every trick in my book to let it succeed... So as a last resort I try this forum for tips and tricks... Hardware: HP laptop with Windows 10 Home edition No other antivirus software Tried with WiFi and network cable on a VDSL-modem/router. Logfile collector files available .. Please help.... Sweet greetings from Koos
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