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  1. It's best to wait and someone from the eset team (maybe @Marcos) will explain it how it works. I checked on two PC without last windows update there is a green frames. On third PC where last windows update is installed. No green frames.
  2. Ohhh you are right. I just don't install some Windows update, that's a reason. Problem solved guys, thank you for your help.
  3. Hmmm maybe we should wait to somebody from eset staff take a voice? This is not even my screen. I just took it from the net and a lot of eset nod 32 on google graphic have this green frames. Look, this is picture from official eset site. And also here we can see green frames.
  4. You misunderstanding me. I asked about this green frames aroud eset. I marked them on screen below. https://i.postimg.cc/3NG60004/USER-SCOPED-TEMP-DATA-orca-image-1484589728.jpg
  5. Hi, I have one license for three PC. on one of PC the program has such green frames around as on the screen, on another pc these frames are not. what is does mean?
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