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  1. That is correct its not the primary HDD, because as per my post it wont boot in situ. It may be that the OS has been corrupted by some form of malware or the disk may be FUBAR but before proceeding any further I am trying to access the data on the drive for recovery purposes. That is basically my question.
  2. Hi all Posting here as not sure where else to put it, please move it if there's a better place. Issue; HDD in a customers system which uses Deslock is failing to boot System launches accepts credentials for Deslock Launches Windows login screen and stalls (continuous circle...) Removed from system for checking and mounted as external drive to diagnostic system Diagnostic system cant see disk in disk manager or user data (as expected) so the encryption seems to work - good. Question: Is it possible to access data on drive if I install a version of ?? encryption tools to diagnostic system? Please advise which software version if any and method of decrypting? Notes: I suspect this will not be possible for a whole host of perfectly valid reasons, my user however has data which is not backed up (don't they all?) Thank you for your thoughts and input AU
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