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  1. I understand from where you are coming, but there are two sides: - most of the Linux desktops and the applications for it are for free available - the ESET Antivirus for Linux is really good and has everything a good quality software must have. to pay a price for such a solution is quite acceptable. Nevertheless, it would feel better, if the offer for Linux Desktops would be something like 40 Euros per up to 3 desktop workstations per year.
  2. Dear all, your antivirus solution for Linux Desktops is clearly the most convenient and best on the market. Without any doubts, it is the most useful with the most beautiful GUI. The only thing what is disturbing is its price. 40USD per client is simply too high. For the server protection, which should be more extensive than the client protection, I could accept it and I would not recommend to go below that price. But for desktop clients it is too high. 20USD per Linux desktop client would be suitable in my opinion. Can you please re-evaluate that? Feel free to co
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