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  1. Sorry for the late reply. I will reiterate, that doing the setting import changed the visual appearance of this option in the preferences to the "Off" setting you show above with the X graphic. It did not have the checkbox or the question mark showing. So from what I was able to see they were disabled after the settings import. If this is not the way it functions then your system shows an incorrect status for this option after a settings import is done which visually turns this option off. I know what I saw on my end, I triple checked it and had to manually toggle it on and then back off to make it work as intended. Have a good day.
  2. Re-read my original post please. I specifically said I exported setting from the first computer to the other two computers. I then specifically verified that settings showed properly and looked at this marketing setting in particular. Coming from AVG with their history of aggressive marketing even to paid versions of their software made me sensitive to this. It showed correctly the same way your picture above shows it on ALL three computers.
  3. They all popped up with it shortly after install once. I believe the repeated popups were only from the two that had the setup file imported. Those definitely did it multiple times. I have not seen a popup since I manually toggled it "On", saved settings, and manually toggled it back "Off". Seemed to be a bug where the setting import changed the toggle appearance but not the actual option it controls. The original computer is my wives....she hasn't complained about it and doesn't remember seeing it. Have to report that with a grain of doubt though. I do IT consulting for a living, used to dealing / seeing these types of options daily with end users. This is part of the reason not having a "Decline" option on that popup to permanently turn if off really gets under my skin frankly. Thanks for your reply. I will monitor it and update if it happens again.
  4. This person gets what I said since my first message. Yes that is what my screens look like. Yes the popup kept coming up and that option was still set to off. My settings screen looks exactly like the one above. On the first machine I manually turned it off. On the other two I imported the settings file from the first which also disabled it on those two....which I checked to make sure was disabled. And once again...when that popup comes up, why is there not an option to DECLINE it? Seriously? Answer that. Horrible popup window to keep nagging or to turn on the nags, but not to turn them off without going into settings and finding that option manually.
  5. These are paid versions, not trial. They show this clearly in the license section with the expiration date of the licenses shown. The option only reset to on when I finally clicked Accept after repeated times clicking Postpone on the popup window. I then manually turned it back off in the hopes that somehow the option did not "stick" properly on the settings import - which were imported multiple times AFTER the installation and first scans had finished. Now keeping on eye on it to see if it happens again. The big question to ask is: Why does the marketing popup only have Accept or Postpone as options? Why no Decline? That's slimy to say the least of ESET development. Thanks.
  6. Installed the current ESET Nod32 version on three computers. First computer I manually setup my preferences for the different options. One of which is to disable In Product Messaging - Display Marketing Messages to OFF. I then exported these settings and for the other two systems I imported them from the file. I verified that all settings were imported and specifically looked at the marketing setting as being off on each. Both system popped up a message about a hour later asking if I wanted to display marketing notifications...options to click were only "Accept" or "Postpone". Clicked postpone since there is not Decline or Off option. checked preferences and still had marketing messages as off. Several days later the same popup came up again. Same "Accept" or "Postpone" options. Clicked Accept to check if I was looking at the proper setting in the preferences. Now the Display marketing messages was turned on. Manually turned it off AGAIN in preferences. How do I get this to stop asking and why isn't there an option in the popup window to Decline? Preferences always have it disabled, so why is it even popping up repeatedly? Had used AVG paid antivirus for years and the reason I stopped was the exact same aggressive marketing popups constantly. Did I make a mistake trying ESET? Please let me know how to permanently fix this to NEVER see marketing messages again. Is my only option to turn off all messages / alerts? i paid for the program for antivirus, not to be marketed constantly for other things. Thanks.
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