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  1. Okay, it's working now. Needed to enable some of categories but these should be okay for me. So a big thanks for your fast help. Have a nice weekend!
  2. But is there anyway to block all sites and just allow a few ones in Web Control? I'm not seeing that option there. Thanks
  3. Hey, thanks for your help. Had some trouble with the right translation... So I'm using not the web control but the web safety to block all sites except office365 and some other. Just having that trouble with the white page with all office sites. Is there any workaround or is it possible the block all sites except some with the web control? Thanks-
  4. Hello all, I hioe that someone can help me or had the same issue. Using Eset since a couple of months in our company. So far I'm really happy about it. But we have a lil problem on setting up the webcontrol for office365 in the right way. So all sites beside some microsoft, office, ups, ... sites should be blocked. That's working also quite well. We are just struggeling with Office. In the allowed sites I entered *office* so it should allow all that sites. When I try to open it, the site will just stay white. Don't know what is causing that problems. All other blocks or allowed sites are working quite well. Also on other browser I have the same trouble. Anybody has an Idea about that or is having the same problem? Thanks in Advice.
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